Nature has the answer:            

            Chemistry is the key

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KiB®Healthcare Ltd was established in 2011 to offer to the UK a remarkable new product, one that could offer a unique way to deal with pathogens and other infectious materials; something that is desperately needed now that antibiotics are gradually losing their efficacy whilst at the same time we see an increasing number of serious side effects for users.


Nature's chemistries are the basis of the company's technologies and our technologies are underpinned by our slogan: 


"Nature has the answer: Chemistry is the key"


Based in Cheshire, the company's technology was originally developed for the food industry but proved to be more expensive than supermarkets were prepared to pay compared to chlorine washes, even though it was more effective and far safer


Richard Stead recognised that this highly effective technology has wider applications and opportunities and set about designing special delivery methods for humans (and animals, hopefully, in the long term). These delivery methods offer extremely fast action. Richard's recent history has been linked with natural materials, especially areas where synthetic ways of handling chemicals can be replaced with nature's methods and nature's successes, 


KiB®500 is the first product in our portfolio with others to follow, always based upon Nature's methods and materials.