Nature has the answer:            

            Chemistry is the key

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About Us


It is agreed that the food we choose to eat has a direct effect upon our health – both good or bad.  Mainstream medical views have supported this idea but never acknowledged that food could take us from unhealthy to healthy.  Such a stance appears to be changing and, of course, these researchers are claiming it as their discovery and that it is new – forgetting that 3000 years ago Hippocrates said “Let medicine be your food and food be your medicine”.

In the UK we are blessed by being able to turn to a range of nutritional health practitioners (outside of the NHS) and who, holding to Hippocrates view, have spent many years training, studying and practicing this approach to ill-health.

The role of the gut is crucial to our well-being: both mental and physical.  We should defend it, protect it and enhance its performance when possible.

The ambition and direction of KiB Healthcare Ltd is to become the leader and the first point of contact for understanding and balancing the gut so as to achieve optimum health.