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How to Use KiB®Pre


Recommendations for use:​​

KiB®PRE sachet contains about 6gms of dietary fibre. One sachet a day, taken in a cold drink or sprinkled over cold/warm food, should be a starting point. Then gradually increase to 2 sachets of KiB®PRE per day. We strongly recommend drinking plenty of fluids when taking prebiotics, so as to avoid possible mild constipation when the fibres help to increase faecal bulk.


Other symptoms that become evident when first taking KiB®PRE are gas and rumbling initially, but these reduce over a brief period of time. If these symptoms are too strong start with half a sachet for the first few days. The amount per day does not have to be at one go – spread it over the whole day in and on a variety of food and drinks.

Pregnant women and children under 12 months should consult a medical practitioner before taking KiB®PRE.