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Gut Dysbiosis


When our stomachs/guts are not functioning at their best, we can feel tired, uncomfortable and generally rather poorly, often due to an excessive number of unwanted microorganisms, either pathogenic and/or friendly.  This imbalance in our own unique variant of microbiota is described as GUT DYSBIOSIS.

The main causes disrupting the microbiota include the use of antibiotics, other therapies, physical or psychological stresses, radiation and changes to our diet.  Practitioners are becoming increasingly aware that many patients suffering from a wide range of chronic conditions also suffer Gut Dysbiosis, which probably enhances their discomfort making recovery that much more difficult. Among those sufferers of brain-related conditions you invariably find Gut Dysbiosis.  A rebalance of the gut is probably an important step for these sufferers.  For all chronic conditions, consider our Protocol:


The 4Rs of controlling Gut Dysbiosis


R1     REMOVE - any excess and pathogenic microorganisms KiB®500

R2     REBUILD - enhance the unique variant KiB®PRE

R3     REBALANCE - bespoke diet – designed by a Practitioner.

R4     REGAIN - health with lifestyle and diet