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How to Use KiB®500 


Equipment recommended:

  • Tall jug, at least 1 litre capacity and preferably clear glass or plastic.

  • KiB® Stirrer (An electric mixer or hand whisk as alternatives)

  • Clean glass.


Please follow the instructions accurately and IN THE CORRECT  ORDER.

Please note that the process described below requires you to handle chemicals.  It is important, therefore, that you treat them sensibly and responsibly, ensuring that any spillages are cleared up immediately and thoroughly.  Children should not be allowed to make up the solution or to play with the contents or empty containers.


Be patient, a few minutes will offer no advantage to your condition.


Avoid swallowing the solid at the bottom of the jug. It will do you no harm but it will feel strange in the mouth.  It will in no way affect any waste- treatment systems.


Mixing 2 kits at the same time or in the same jug will not give any advantages but may destroy the efficacy of the liquid.   If you feel you want a double dose, then wait at least 6 hours before taking a second.


People have reported feeling worse a few hours after taking KiB®500 but this lasted only a short time before they were greatly improved.


If being taken for gastro problems it is advisable to help restore the alimentary canal to its best possible condition and for this we suggest that you follow a course of KiB®PRE (a special blend of Prebiotics) from  the day after you take the last kit.


KiB Healthcare Ltd recommends that you always seek advice from a Practitioner that you trust before using any medicines, drugs, remedies, therapies or treatments. KiB Healthcare Ltd personnel know our product intimately but we are not Practitioners.

The product should be consumed within 2 hours   
Download   "How to Use KiB500 .pdf"