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KiB®PRE from KiB® Healthcare Ltd


This is the second stage in KiB Healthcare’s “4Rs of controlling Gut Dysbiosis”.


Prebiotics are essential parts of foods for our overall wellbeing.  The best sources of Prebiotics are fresh foods.  Foods high in fibre deliver prebiotics and consuming a variety of such foods is important.  Prebiotic materials are food for the good bacteria in our gut.


Often we do not eat enough of these foods or our gut is not working well and so any benefits from foods are not absorbed.  This makes supplementation necessary and, for this reason, we developed KiB®PRE.


Its main function is to help the good bacteria grow and restore a balance of the good bacteria in the gut so that better absorption of nutrients by the gut is achieved.  


You are NOT what you eat.               
                You are what you ABSORB!!

KiB®PRE is a concentrated blend of 3 dietary fibres, they are: resistant starch** from green banana, inulin from chicory root, and beta glucan* from oat.  These sources are used because they are high in dietary fibres and because they hold an important role in balancing different parts of the large intestine (colon).


All of our components have been extracted from foods with no change to their natural identity or chemical structure. Our product is 100% dietary fibre and has no additives, sweeteners, bulking agents or preservatives. Besides acting as prebiotics some of our ingredients confer other benefits, and health claims approved by EFSA:

*Beta glucans from oat contribute to maintenance of normal blood cholesterol.

**Resistant starch contributes to the reduction of the blood glucose rise after meals.