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KiB® Stool Reports


The benefits of Stool Reports


When treating unhealthy patients, understanding the condition of their gut is very useful.  In particular, knowing which bacteria are present as well as a measure of the different species present, whether they be pathogenic or “friendly” and/or of benefit.


This is what the KiB® STOOL REPORT will show you.

It concentrates on the make-up of the microbiota and it covers the whole range, good and bad, and is not limited to a dozen or so of the usual bacteria to which so many analytical reports are restricted.

Comparing changes over time can show how a therapy has worked and which bacteria are beneficial for an individual.

It also allows us to identify the unique variant for an individual, which then leads us to understanding their health concerns and needs from a specific diet.



Single KiB Stool Report = £120 inc. VAT

3 Reports over a time period = £294 inc. VAT

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