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KiB®500 - hypothiocyanite solution system


This was our first product, based entirely upon the chemistry used by our bodies to ward-off attacks by pathogens, whether they be bacterial, fungal or viral.

The technology is found in numerous places around our bodies and those of other mammals.

Our product combines the components needed to create hypothiocyanite in water.

There are thousands of academic papers showing the efficacy of Hypothiocyanite against pathogenic organisms, including numerous resistant strains, in laboratory work.

So far, it is only we have tried it in humans, in a clinical experiment for treating URTIs, in a hospital setting with full ethical accreditation.  The outcome was very successful and we plan to continue our work in this area towards a full scale clinical trial.  At this time we are not a licenced product.

We offer no advice about its use as a therapy.  We know our product very well but we are not medically trained.


For full details how to use the product see our How To Use KiB®500 page.

The kit supplied to you, which is not yet a licensed product,  uses lactoperoxidase enzyme to produce hypothiocyanite ions, so it effectively reproduces the innate immune system's own function. There is a wide safety margin.


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