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OSCN and the Gut Microbiota


Over the recent years, many Academics have promoted the extraordinary ability of OSCN- (Hypothiocyanite) to destroy pathogens, halting the diseases they can cause. Here at KiB Healthcare, we learned of its use in controlling the gut microbiota, so we looked into how it was able to do so much good.

There is no doubt that almost everyone that has used the product has benefitted.

We spent more time studying and researching the subject.

At the same time, there have been an enormous number of papers by a wide range of eminent people in the field establishing what many people have known for years and years, that the gut microbiota has a direct and serious effect upon our health and our performance. The coincidence of these papers just when our product is being developed is remarkable.

Numerous Health Practitioners can give plenty of case details of the efficacy of Hypothiocyanite with sufferers of chronic conditions and especially those with mental issues.  Almost everyone with a mental issue also suffers with gut dysbiosis and could benefit from using Hypothiocyanite.

So we looked further as to how we could do more for the gut and we have created 2 new products, a blend of Prebiotics and a combined therapy for Helicobacter pylori.

Together we have exciting times ahead!

Richard Stead

Founder and developer