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The Science

By Dr Paul R Clayton (with additional comments by Richard Stead)

The Hypothiocyanite ion (OSCN-) is one of the most important effector elements in our innate immune system, and is a major initial defence against infection.  Present in many secretions including milk, tears, saliva and airway and gut surface fluids, this ion has an incredibly broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses and fungi (Pruitt & Reiter ‘85).  It is important for the control of micrroorganisms in milk from lactating animals and is critically involved in cell-mediated pathogen killing.  OSCN- is also important in protecting host tissues and has an anti-inflammatory role throughout the body.


Hypothiocyanite ions are not toxic to human cells and have little or no effect upon probiotic species of our bodies, making this ion a near-perfect antimicrobial system – an opportunity to replace some of the antibiotics against which many pathogens have developed resistance. It is very difficult for microorganisms to acquire resistance to OSCN-.  If it was possible for pathogens to develop resistance to OSCN- we would not have survived as a species because this key element of our immune system would have been disabled.

Could this be an answer to anti-biotic resistance - OSCN-?

The bactericidal effects of OSCN- can be mimicked and amplified by delivering hypothiocyanite ions directly.  This technology has been adopted by WHO for bulk milk sterilisation. A recognition of its efficacy and safety.

Our role is to create delivery systems for OSCN-, which we have done. Our first product is called KiB®500 and it creates OSCN- in solution allowing delivery orally, topically and by inhalation.

Medical health claims disclaimer

We bring to your attention that any substance sold with a health claim will be regulated by the National Regulatory Agency. In the UK it is the Medical and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MRHA), an executive agency of the Department of Health. KiB® Healthcare Ltd complies with the restrictions on health claims but would like to draw your attention to scientific research referencing hypothiocyanite (OSCN-) and its effects upon bacterial, viral and fungal organisms that are deleterious to humans and animals.

Other Science

All of our follow up products and services will, as above, replicate nature’s technologies.